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Beginning something new can evoke a sense of liberation and relief, it can also feel daunting.  With this in mind, you’ll be met within a confidential, non-judgmental, empathic setting.

Take off with NLP Coaching, Theraphy and Life Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner Sessions in Maidenhead

Sessions can take place via video call or in-person at my home just outside of Taunton, TA2 8HL.

I offer a free 30-minute coaching introduction by telephone or video call.  This conversation carries no obligation.  You can use this conversation to ask questions, to understand more about the process of coaching and it can give you a good feeling if we could work well together.  Book your introduction here.

Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled by the client until 24 hours before the session, excluding weekends.  Otherwise, the session fee will be payable in full. Sessions are refundable if cancelled with 24 hours notice, excluding weekends.

Fees are due in advance of the session. Some people prefer to pay for a batch of three or five sessions in advance.  I provide receipts on request.

In these sessions, you will be exploring your own experience.  I am here to help you to do this, by offering the time and space you need.  I can offer certain skills and theories which may enable you to do this better or quicker than you could on your own, but basically, it is you doing the work.  The more you put into your coaching, the more you will get out of it.

Expanding your comfort zone.  Most useful work within coaching seems to happen closer to the edge of our comfort zone, rather than safely within the middle of it. 


Only you know where this is, as only you know what’s safe and comfortable for you and what’s more edgy or risky to bring up.  The more openness you cultivate in our sessions; openness to your own experience, and the openness to expressing this to me, the more useful the work will be for you.  If this is difficult let us explore that too.

I will make suggestions about things you might do during these sessions.  It is, however, your choice to accept or reject these suggestions. You are doing it for your own personal development.

It is good to have an explorative and playful attitude to the work we are doing.  Play is really a way of trying out things which are quite serious.  Often doing something unusual feels artificial at first, but children don't let this stop them from learning, and adults can often learn well this way, too.

Commitment is necessary if we are really to get anywhere.  It is important not to stop if the going gets rough for a while.

We may want to vary the frequency or length of our meetings from time to time, at your suggestion or mine.  I usually see individuals for 50-minute sessions.  This can be weekly or fortnightly.  I usually start on a weekly basis.

Confidentiality is important in coaching.  I will not discuss what comes up in our sessions except in a professional way, with my supervisor and professional colleagues in peer supervision.  The only circumstances where I would be required to breach confidentiality are if a serious crime has been committed or significant harm to yourself or others has occurred or is likely to occur.  In these circumstances, I would endeavour to discuss with you the need to break confidentiality before doing so.

Ending our work together is a decision which is best discussed between the two of us.  It is preferable for a decision to end to be arrived at mutually, rather than as a one-sided or impulsive action.  If either of us feels that the time has come to close off the coaching, we shall arrange a final session where progress can be reviewed, the work can be closed and we make sure that the decision is a good one.

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