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I am here to help you achieve your dreams. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unorganised or lacking direction then coaching can help you discover your passion.

But don't just take my word for it.

Here you can find testimonials from some of my clients.

“Working with Klaus has been a great experience. As a result of the time spent I have been able to address some challenging career objectives and improve my personal and professional relationships.

The NLP concepts and exercises were worked into the sessions. I gained useful and productive skills that I have learned to apply regularly. I really wanted some improvement that I could feel from the sessions and that's what I got.

I will be back for more.”

Paul, Maidenhead

“Klaus is a fantastic coach. I was slightly apprehensive at my first session, but his kind and warm manner immediately put me at ease and over the course I found him to be incredibly easy to talk to. The work that we carried out over this time helped me overcome some self-doubts that had been hindering me both professionally and personally.”

John, Maidenhead

“I had the privilege of meeting and working alongside Klaus at a crossroad in my own life earlier this year.  Klaus is a warm, kind, generous man who gives his full attention to you and your needs: creating an environment in which you feel safe to explore what’s going on for you.  Klaus’ curiosity and sense of fun is contagious, he is perceptive and very skilled at empowering you to identify and make the changes you want.  A chat with Klaus will offer perspective and an alternative way of thinking...working with Klaus is an opportunity to discover a new way of being ‘you’!”

Tina, York

“Klaus is a very talented and professional coach. I recently worked with him on, what were for me, some very challenging issues. Klaus gently led me through a process which enabled me to understand what was stopping me moving forward and how to make the changes I was looking for. Those changes have remained with me and I continue to enjoy the positive outcome of our work together.

Heather, Middlesbrough

“Klaus is an incredibly skilful and perceptive coach and NLP therapist.  He instantly puts his clients at ease with his warmth, compassion and a profoundly generous spirit.  He artfully and gently guides you to a level of insight and clarity that will help you make the choices you want to make and overcome the challenges that have been getting in your way.

I know, because he's done that for me! Thank you, Klaus.”

Veli, London


Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are. - Brene Brown
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