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Love is Love LGBTQ+ Friendly Rainbow Heart

I provide clients from the LGBTQ+ community a safe space and coaching tailored to their needs. This includes clients across the wide spectrum of cultural, gender, sexual and relationship diversity.

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The sexuality or gender identity you identify as will often not be the subject of the coaching.  It is just mentioned here to reassure you, that if it is raised during the course of coaching, it is something I am totally capable and knowledgeable about to explore with you if you so wish.

The people I work with may experience situations unique to their identities and may require unique solutions to their issues. 


Here I find my intuitive style and the ability to use various approaches help clients to overcome obstacles and to realise their full potential.

I identify as gay man.
Just Like Us: The LGBT+ young people's charity
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Some of my clients identify as LGBTQIA+

lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, questioning, unsure, polyam, consensual nonmonogam (CNM) and others who prefer no labels.

This does not just include clients who understand themselves enough to be self-assured about their identity.  I also work with clients who are questioning and finding it difficult to connect with the heteronormative world.
Love is Love LGBTQ+ Friendly Rainbow Heart
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