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18-24 May is Mental Health Awareness Week

From 18-24 May is Mental Health Awareness Week. In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the theme has been changed to KINDNESS.

What an apt theme. Personally, I have good and bad times. Often, when I'm out and interacting with others I find myself jolly, extra friendly, and enjoying the interaction. Then there are times where the current situation is grating on me and I find myself being irritable, short with others, and less kind than I would like to be.

So, it's not all black and white. We have good times and bad times. During good times, it's much easier to be kind to others. During the times where we struggle it is, where being kind might come more difficult. Noting it is the first step. Then, not beating ourselves up, being kind to ourselves is the next step. We can work on being kind to others also when we are not at our best. Being aware and maybe taking a moment seeing the world from other people's viewpoints. Who knows, when we then manage to be kind, we might even get something positive back from the encounter. ❤️❤️❤️

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