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Ten Awesome Things I Will Do With My Life:

It's so easy to lose sight of the important things. Take a moment and visualise the future, where you look back on your life. What would you like to tell your grandchildren (or other youngsters) about your past life? What do you want to be proud of?

Now, why don't you add these things to your list of "Ten Awesome Things I will Do With My Life". They don't need to be 10 things. If you start with two or three things that's great. You can always build on the list.

There is actually a little technique to help you to make these things happen. Imagine your item on the list as if you got it, really see it in your mind and feel it. Use all your senses and imagine what you would smell and maybe taste as well. Now make what you imagine bigger, blow it up in your mind, make the colour brighter and make the nice smell even stronger. Now, "step out" of that vision you created and view yourself enjoying what you just visualised. It might need some practice to visualise your Awesome Thing in such a way. Be patient with yourself. Creating your vision of what you want to achieve in such a way will make it even more desirable for you and you will be more resourceful in achieving your goal. Please let me know in the comments how you are getting on with this.

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